Forged Scribes

Forged Scribes

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These awesome hand forged scribes are an excellent addition to any carpenter, machinist, or crafts persons tool bag or shop kit! They scribe sharp, clean lines in wood, leather, and soft metals. They can also be used to mark locations for holes to be drilled.

These scribes start out as 1/4" key stock and are hot twisted to give a unique look that offers plenty of grip. A taper is then hammered out and sharpened to a precise point. The tip is then heat treated to provide additional hardness before the whole scribe is given a blackened forge finish. I then give a quick polish to the high points.


Pictures are representative of general size and twist of the scribes. Since each scribe is hand forged and twisted they each will be unique and appearances will vary slightly.



Steel: 1/4" Key Stock Steel

Length: approx 6"

Weight: approx 1 ounce

Finish: Forge Finish with Polished High Points


*These scribes are made of key steel and are not stainless. They discolor or rust if not properly taken care of.