Forged Bottle Openers
Forged Bottle Openers

Forged Bottle Openers

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These rugged hand forged bottle openers make great gifts for a friend or to keep for yourself!

Forged out of stout 1/2" steel, they are made to last! Each opener has a unique twist that not only gives it a cool look but also plenty of grip. A lanyard hole is drilled through the back so the opener can be attached to a key chain or paracord loop. A blackened forge finish adds to the look and helps protect the steel from corrosion.

The above pictures are representative of the general shape and twist of the openers. Since each opener is made by hand and completely unique then your opener may vary slightly in appearance.


Steel: 1/2" Mild Steel

Length: Approx 4" long

Weight: 4 ounces

Finish: Dark Forge 


*These openers are made of mild steel and not stainless. They may discolor or rust if not properly cared for.