January 2023 News

It has been two years since my first blog post so it is safe to say I am not good at updating this! 

As Facebook and Instagram continue to limit the reach of accounts like mine, I will work harder to find alternate avenues to reach my customers. I will do more blog posts like this to post news and "what's happening" type stuff while also giving more attention to my fledgling YouTube channel that I started over 5 years ago and have largely ignored since then.

The biggest thing I am working on right now is getting my newsletter set up. It is almost complete and the first emails will go out shortly. I plan on having a lot of cool content about knifemaking and use along with early notifications of sales and knife drops. So if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe (sign up is at the bottom of the home page)!

Along with that, I will no longer be taking custom orders for the foreseeable future. My knife drops and the occasional show will be the only way to get a knife. My order books filled up for the whole 2023 calendar year in December and the idea of "owing" anyone a knife longer than a year out was more pressure than I want to deal with. So while I continue to complete my current orders I will also being doing periodic knife drops. These will always be on Friday night and usually around the 1st and middle of the month. The email newsletter will be the best place to keep notified on these. 

I have a lot of exciting builds and projects coming up so hope that you follow along! Despite the limitations, I still post the most about projects on Instagram (Wheelis_Forge) and those posts are shared on my Facebook page (although my ability to see comments and reply on FB are severely limited).

If you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Happy New Year!